Patricia will lead the sales of Apollonian’s services in the UK. She will strengthen Apollonian’s presence in the market and act as an advisor for the companies enlisting the services of the company. Patricia’s experience in the venture capital and fintech sector will greatly support Apollonian’s growth and collaboration efforts in the UK. Her understanding of risk and compliance management will also benefit Apollonian’s customers tremendously.

Patricia will have a dual role as she will continue in her role as the CEO and co-founder of Nevo Capital. Before starting her own business, she was a partner of the Swiss Banking Advisory where she specialised in internationalisation strategies targeting the UK market.

Prior to this she has held senior leadership and advisory roles across a number of different associations including Lino Blockchain, British Business Growth Programme, and the Prince’s Trust. Patricia has also lead research in Business Psychology and the use of Psychometrics.

Patricia has a Master of Science degree in Business. She is also a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, a member of the Confederation of Business Industry, an associate of the World Economic Forum and member of and the Russian Business Technology foundation.

Tuomas Saarinen, Chairman of Apollonian said: “We are thrilled to have Patricia join our team. With her onboard, we can grow our network and customer base in the UK. We are continuously expanding the business and Patricia will be an invaluable asset for us.”

Patricia Webber added: “I’m excited to work with Apollonian. Their services are exactly what is needed right now in the tech and investment industries. The proper analysis of companies is the missing link that can help both investors and business owners create valuable relationships.”

About Apollonian

Apollonian’s services help companies to identify, value and grow all intangible assets. By determining the real value of knowledge Apollonian aims to bridge the gap between investors and knowledge-intensive companies in Europe and beyond. By providing a transparent estimation of the present and future value of any given company Apollonian can increase the company’s capacity to capitalize on future opportunities for growth and bring transparency to private equity investments.