Apollonian INSIGHT, a 360-degree company analysis tool created to assess the most crucial driver for growth in modern economy, intangible assets, will now be available for private equity clients using Fuchs Asset Management’s services.

Compliant with IFRS, IAS36 and IAS38, INSIGHT fulfills the strictest quality criteria set for asset valuation within private equity funds.

“Traditionally the workload in a private equity fund is divided between investment activities and administrative tasks. Where time spent managing the portfolio is the most crucial success factor administrative tasks such as data collection, reporting and NAV calculation is seen mostly as a burden and sunken cost. INSIGHT connects these two providing GP´s cost savings, transparency and improved tools for tracking different quality and performance metrics such as KPI´s, capital expenditure efficiency, and the current value of all revenue driving assets in their portfolio”, says Tuomas Saarinen, Chairman & Co-founder Apollonian

“ The interest towards private equity has risen enormously during last few years and there are new market entrants both on fund manager and LP-side. In a plethora of jurisdictions and regulation it is important both for investors and fund managers that funds are managed in a professional and structured way. Our goal is to provide high quality services for our private equity clients regardless of their investment focus”, says Timothé Fuchs, CEO Fuchs Group

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