The first 356 days of Apollonian have been what they probably are for every entrepreneur – demanding and stressful but most of all a whirlwind of excitement. All the long days and challenges along the way have made every successful step so much more rewarding and we are constantly reminded why we set on this path to begin with. It has been extremely motivating to see how our work has made it possible for different companies to flourish and continue their journey. Our first year in business has been a success!

These are some of the highlights of our first year:

The launch of Apollonian and validation of our concept

The past year has reassured us that Apollonian’s services are needed to increase transparency within the investment community and to help business owners understand better not only their companies but their their critical success factors. We have received a great deal of positive interest for our concept, which combines valuation services and investment advice, and this has encouraged us to push forward.

We’ve also witnessed increasing interest around the topic of intangible asset valuation in different media. Multiple top tier financial publications and institutions have begun to pay attention to the subject, which is further evidence that the issues surrounding intangible asset valuation need to be addressed in variety of forums. You can find some interesting reading at the end of this article.

The first successful funding rounds

Last April, we made our first funding round with Euroloan and their business has since soared. During 2017, the company has expanded their services to new markets and seen unprecedented growth. Our first year funding operations have ranged from technology to healthcare.

Valuations on an international scale

Thanks to our central location in Europe, we’ve been able to build out an international network of clients and investors. During Apollonian’s first year, our services have reached 10 countries across Europe; Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Italy, UK, Luxembourg, Sweden and Switzerland.

Witnessing the passion and fervour our business partners bring to their ventures has been inspirational and driven us to grow and develop Apollonian. We have been excited and happy to meet so many new people and learn about new innovations, which are going to play an instrumental role in developing societies.

All in all, the year has been an educational one. At times challenges have seemed insurmountable but with the support of the full team and our extended network, we have been able to build something extraordinary. The year has taught us about perseverance – working hard and believing in yourself and your ideas will get you through even the most challenging of times.

Thank you to all of our partners, clients, friends, families, and our extended network that have supported us. Without you we couldn’t have been able to make our first year a success!


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