17 October 2017 – Apollonian, a new investment firm, has launched a unique service that combines a holistic company valuation method and investment advice. By shedding new light on intangible assets, the firm introduces greater transparency to the world of private equity and helps bridge the gap between investors and companies seeking funding.

Apollonian helps companies to identify, value and manage all their intangible assets, such as intellectual property, customer relationships, staff and strategic alliances. Through a range of indicators and algorithms, the firm can accurately valuate all assets owned by the company and its potential for growth. Therefore, Apollonian is able to determine a company’s current and future value.

Apollonian’s products meet the growing needs of companies which base themselves largely on intangibles and struggle to reflect the true value of their assets on the company balance sheet. Before the combined value of a company’s physical assets was roughly equal to its market value. Today, up to 80% of company assets are intangible compared to tangible assets such as production facilities, property and equipment which constitute less than 15% of corporate worth. But unlike physical assets, intangibles remain absent from corporate balance sheets due to the lack of holistic valuation methods.

“Our tools, which are compliant with the International Accounting Standards, have a proven record of helping companies get an accurate valuation. We are certain that by revealing the hidden value of intangible assets we can help companies to become more efficient and boost their overall performance.”, explains Andreas Dahlén, Advisory and Institutional Investment Director at Apollonian, who joined the firm from the European Commission where he was setting up the first pan-European pension fund.

Building on their approach, Apollonian also services investors by offering them alternatives to illiquid venture capital structures and by pinpointing transparent investment options. The firm offers top-class investment targets either as co-investments or through their newly launched private equity fund. The Apollonian Innovation Growth Fund invests in unquoted companies planning to scale up their business. The strategic objective of the fund is long-term value creation through innovation and active management of intangibles.

“Reliable investment decisions are incredibly difficult to make and identifying attractive investment opportunities has long been one of the key issues facing the private equity industry. Often investors base their decisions on uninformed assumptions that are susceptible to market trends. Without proper valuation tools and the absence of intangibles on corporate balance sheets, investors are prevented from properly weighing risks. We want to eliminate the arbitrary value given to intellectual capital and create new incentives to boost investments.”, comments Tuomas Saarinen who previously served as a private banker at Danske Bank and now acts as the Chairman of Apollonian.


Tuomas Saarinen
Chairman, Co-founder
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Andreas Dahlén
Advisory and Institutional Investment Director,
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