12 June 2017 – Today we released our new company evaluation product called Apollonian INSIGHT. Starting with Finland and the UK, the product will be rolled-out worldwide during 2017. The main target group for INSIGHT is knowledge-intensive companies, venture capital firms and institutional investors.

Apollonian INSIGHT is a fast and effective tool for the assessment of a company’s current business-model and structure. It scans all company building blocks and compares the whole company against the business context, industry, and trends with a focus on intellectual capital assets – thus providing a comprehensive assessment of the company’s standing.

INSIGHT reveals:

  • The knowledge and intellectual capital gaps and risks inside the company that would need to be safeguarded, controlled, changed or put in place in order to boost organisational ability to do business, leverage further investment, and reduce risks, errors and waste.
  • The long-term risk for the company against the wider environment, as well as the gaps and oversights, or hidden potential of its knowledge base.
  • Based on the company assessment Apollonian is able to determine the current and future value of the company and recommend actions to reach the potential future value.

For more information please visit INSIGHT product page.