April 26th, 2017 – A new company valuation and investment advisory firm Apollonian has launched to market. The company has observed that intellectual capital (IC) has become an increasingly integral part of companies’ success but little has been done to properly valuate and manage IC to fully leverage it. It is also a well-known fact that investors today, both private and public, are searching for stability and predictability whilst scouring the market for investment opportunities.

We at Apollonian firmly believe that there’s a connection between IC and investment opportunities – a bridge to be built. Investors will benefit from a deeper understanding of the role of IC when making decisions about their future funding initiatives. Likewise, the evaluated companies themselves will be able to determine their value more accurately and create strategies how to manage their IC properly.

Apollonian also sees great opportunities for the financial industry in general as the overall appreciation and proper management of IC in companies develops. In fact, our motto “Removing Venture from Venture Capital” should be the market standard.

Apollonian’s twofold approach

Both companies in search of funding and investors in search of top-class companies to invest in will benefit from the services of Apollonian as our business model is twofold.

  • To support knowledge-intensive companies grow through proper IC-management and evaluation.
  • Establish a fund that will channel resources from both public and private investors to pool together available funding for knowledge-intensive scale-up companies. Apollonian also manages investment and fund mandates for its clients.

Our approach has been very successful and interest towards our services have exceeded all our expectations. For example, a top-tier European Fintech company has signed for IC valuation services and a client mandate for tailor-made Venture Debt fund will be launched on 1 March 2017. The aimed size of the fund is €50M.

Similarly, Apollonian is in negotiations with a Nordic investor to launch a tailor-made Real-Estate Fund in May with the aimed size of €50M.

Apollonian has been contracted to run altogether four different Private Equity mandates amounting to €20M in total to find investors for companies within Fintech, Gaming, Healthtech and Real-Estate services. We are also working with three Private Debt mandates reaching up to €100M for companies seeking funding.

We are extremely happy to witness our company’s growth. As interest builds up internationally we are excited to discover more opportunities in the future.