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Apollonian helps companies to identify, value and manage their intangible assets. These assets are fundamental for business development and shows if a company will be able to survive and prosper in a competitive environment over the long haul. With our unique service offering we can guide companies on their journey from start-up to unicorn.
of company assets are intangibles
of investors consider valuation to be the key issue facing the private equity industry
trillion usd of unobserved intangible capital in the US alone



Insight is a turnkey solution for companies seeking to stand out, boost growth and increase overall performance. By employing interviews, data gathering and econometric modelling Apollonian is able to deliver:
Company Analysis
We offer a fast, effective and structured analysis of a company’s current business-model, structure and risk exposure. We also provide a comprehensive  evaluation of business operations, with focus on intangibles, and external elements such as the competitive market and industry landscape.
Holistic Valuation
With our holistic approach to valuation we combine both income- and asset-based methods into the most accurate valuation service in the market. Thanks to a more precise valuation - future acquisitions, capital investments, buyouts and initial public offerings are made easier.
Growth Road Map
We offer companies a roadmap on how to reach their full potential. The roadmap outlines ideal ways to manage all assets and ensure optimal growth. The roadmap identifies: 1) Financial, strategic and intangible assets 2) The long-term risk 3) The hidden or under-exploited potential.
Growth Tracking
We help companies to track their progress by implementing company-specific key performance indicators. The service helps the company to monitor growth, capital efficiency and risk mitigation.
Resource Management
We analyse the management of both internal and external resources. With this information we help companies to leverage teams, strategic partners and customer networks for cost reduction, innovation, revenue growth and international expansion.

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Management Team

Tuomas Nousiainen
Tuomas Nousiainen

Co-founder/ Team Leader

Tuomas is an expert in EU innovation policy and financing, technology transfer and commercialisation. Tuomas has been involved with several EU flag ship projects, including the Innovation Union and Open Innovation.

Maria Weir
Maria Weir

Team Leader

Maria Weir is an expert in intellectual capital and the team leader of Insight delivery team. She is also the author of a number of papers in peer-reviewed journals in the field of managing IC in KIBS firms and in the area of public policy in the management of IC


Senior Advisor

Leif Edvinsson is a key pioneering contributor to both the theory and practice of Intellectual Capital and IC metrics. Leif is a Professor emeritus at Lund University in Intellectual Capital and at Hong Kong Polytechnic University.


Senior Advisor

Styrbjorn is an entrepreneur and investor who throughout his business life has constantly looked for ways of making companies work smarter, better and spend more time focusing on their customers. Over the years he has effectively deployed these drivers into a range of successful business ventures.


Senior Advisor

Steve is a former civil servant at the European Commission where he was responsible for the development of EU's VC funds-of-funds programme. He has also worked with EIF on scoping, developing and marketing Horizon 2020's debt and equity products for highly innovative small firms and midcaps.

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